Jerri Bartholomew

Cast Work

The process of glass casting is multistep, involving creation of molds from wax or clay forms. This allows for repetition of forms, and the opportunity to explore a subject in variation.


In 2020, home had a special meaning. Because of the pandemic, home was a refuge and prison at the same time. Home protected us, but for those of us living in the woods it also made us vulnerable to the wildfires that swept the region. And home was a place where we watched the Black Lives Matter movement grow, erupting in protests against social injustice.

Home 2020: Haven, Refuge or Prison?

Cast glass, pate de verre, 2020


These headless female figurines represent the options we have and the choices we make.


Lost wax cast glass, mixed media. 2019

Options in Blue

Lost wax cast glass, mixed media. 2019


Definition: to treat tenderly.

´╗┐This series began at a workshop in Northlands, Scotland in 2018. During breaks we went to the beach, where I collected various rocks. The idea of tenderly enveloping something as dense and impermeable as a rock with clear, luminous glass appealed to me.

Rock Coddle 1

Lost wax glass cast, rock, 2018

Rock Coddle 2

´╗┐Lost wax glass cast, rock, 2018

Rock Coddle 3

Lost wax glass cast, rock, 2018


Where I grew up, the closest piano teacher was a nun. As a child, and non-Catholic, I was terrified of the convent: the dark halls, shadowy sisters in the background, and the stories my Catholic friends told me. My teacher, Sister Margaret Anita, was stern and I never saw her smile, but she never rapped my knuckles. I doubt it was because I played the piano so well. Over the years I've collected stories of experiences with nuns, both good and bad, and this series has allowed me to share some of them.

Sister Petronella, Sister Margaret Anita, Sister Mary Andrew

Lost wax glass cast, 2019